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You’ve definitely heard this message….being a mom is the “best thing that will ever happen to you”, and although that may be true, it certainly doesn’t feel like it right now, does it!

  • Right now it’s feeling pretty scary and lonely.
  • Right now your mind may be racing with all of the choices you have to make and the schedules you have to keep.

You want people to come and help but you can’t seem to ask so you resign to struggling all by yourself. You may even have a supportive partner that tries to help but your anxiety pushes him or her away and the messages in your mind convince you that you’re the only one who knows what to do.

You’re exhausted, anxious, and sad while also feeling irritable, resentful, and shameful all at the same time. You may be over controlling, under eating, and definitely not sleeping. You are feeling like a failure and you don’t understand why.

Maybe you have this “mom thing” down and are even a great resource to your mom friends, but you’re struggling in other areas of your life?

  • You’re sad and anxious about returning to work after your maternity leave
  • You’re feeling confused about your new identity since your kids have all moved out.
  • You're feeling like you have nothing in common with your partner anymore or maybe unheard, unsupported, or alone in your relationship.
  •  You're going through a separation or a divorce and feeling angry or resentful and unable to work collaboratively regarding important decisions about your family and children? Are you finding yourself asking “what happened to me?” and “who am I anymore?”

Are you a loving partner who is struggling with how to support the mother of your children?

  • You're wondering what she needs or how to support her.
  • You're feeling confused  by the changes in how you communicate with one another or by your own role as parent or partner
  • You're believing that nothing you say or do is right and you're feeling afraid of making more mistakes so you freeze or you escape.
  • You're worried about your family...and most importantly, you're worried about her and you don't know what to do.

No matter what you’re going through, I’m so happy you are reaching out for help. I believe that motherhood is a tribe and within that tribe we need to take care of each other as well as let others take care of us. Mother Warrior is dedicated to putting all moms and families first! Reach out to me today and let’s talk about what you’re going through and how we can work together to get you or your loved one to a better place.

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