Such a beautiful day supporting the Extraordinary Lives High 5 Event for pediatric mental health awareness with my friend and fellow mental health advocate and therapist, Karin Draper! I felt so lucky to be included in this event and to be able to talk to others not only about the importance of maternal mental health, but also how important it is to the mental health and development of children.

The term “healthy moms equals healthy kids” is not simply about physical health. When moms are mentally healthy, they are better equip to manage the day to day requirements of momhood and provide the emotional nurturing and support to their children and families; however, when a mom is struggling with the grips of depression and anxiety, navigating the day to day tasks and needs of her family becomes difficult, overwhelming, and even burdensome. She doesn’t want to feel this way, but she does, and that can directly impact her attachment to her children, how her children feel, and how they develop.

In a recent article written for, Benjamin W. Nelson, Heidemarie Laurent and Nick Allen report “studies have been able to show a significant link between the development and health of children and the mental health of their mothers. Worsening depression symptoms in mothers related to greater infant cortisol stress responses between 6 and 12 months of age,” and a study done on Maternal Depression and Child Development notes “the consequences on the child of maternal postpartum depression are not restricted to infancy, but can extend into toddlerhood, preschool age and even school age. Maternal depression that occurs later influences the development of the school-age child and the adolescent”. Both articles can be accessed here:

Motherhood is hard enough without the extra struggle of mental illness. NO MOTHER EVER SAID to herself “I really hope I get depressed so I don’t have to take care of myself or my family”. In fact, in the very deepest part of every mother’s heart, she wants to be a good mom and hopes every single day that she is!

That is why Mother Warrior Counseling is committed to helping moms first. We KNOW that deepest desire and we BELIEVE that every mom should be able to hold on to it and know that she CAN and WILL feel better!

If you or someone you love is struggling, please reach out TODAY! The longer a mom is suffocating under the weight of depression or anxiety, the more her children and loved ones are negatively effected.


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