Walk & Talk Counseling in Orange County, CA

Therapist proudly serving Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo (and surrounding areas)

These days, therapy does not have to be confined to an indoor space where therapist and patient sit across from each other to be effective. The therapeutic process can happen anywhere and in many different formats, incorporating activities or locations that you enjoy or that are most convienent to your schedule.
Walk and Talk Therapy is an AMAZING way to take therapy "off of the couch" and incorporate all of the benefits of being outside and physically moving your body to work through mental and emotional struggles. Sometimes, just taking the session out of the office can reduce the stigma of therapy or the preconceived notion that you are "sick" or "unstable" if you are in therapy. Additionally, if you are working outside of the home and have to adhere to a designated lunch time, what better way to spend your lunch time than going for a walk and talk where I will meet you and you don't have to use your lunch time driving to and from an office.

We will agree on a location to meet where you are comfortable. Some ideal spots are typically a local park or trail, your neighborhood, or the area around your work location.

Below are a links to some great places in Dana Point, San Clemente, and Laguna Niguel to have a Walk & Talk session. You can browse through them and pick the location that is ideal for you or let me know if you have a favorite spot that is not on these lists.