Walk & Talk FAQ’s

IS THIS A CARDIO WORKOUT? We will generally walk at a pace that is comfortable to talk, however, sometimes you may not want to talk because the exertion feels more therapeutic, so we will pick up the pace to where you are comfortable and I may even let you sprint ahead if that's what you need. Although this is not intended to be a "cardio workout", you will definitely feel better at any pace we set.
HOW LONG ARE SESSIONS? Sessions are 50 minutes beginning from the time we begin our walk and ending 50 minutes later. I will make sure to keep track of our time while we are walking so we know when to turn back.
WHAT HAPPENS IF WE SEE SOMEONE YOU OR I KNOW? Your privacy is the most important thing. If we see someone YOU KNOW, I will follow your lead. If you wish to stop and say hi then stop and say hi, however, I will never introduce myself and you DO NOT have to introduce me. If you choose to introduce me, it is still up to you as to how you introduce me. Disclosure of our relationship is completely up to you! If we see someone I KNOW, I will only respond if that person acknowledges me first....meaning I will not initiate contact. If I am acknowledged then I will simply reply with a general greeting and keep moving. Because we are in the community, and may even be in the same community that we share, it may be inevitable that you or I run into people we know so I always follow the lead of my clients. My first priority is ALWAYS YOU, and I will take every reasonable effort to protect the nature of our relationship.
CAN I BRING MY CHILD(REN)? YES! This is another wonderful benefit of Walk and Talk Therapy....children are always welcomed. Pack up the stroller and let's go! And, if during the walk your child sees a park they want to play in or a grassy field they want to run in, let's stop and play. It's all part of the process!